remember me?

it’s the time of year when i have decided i’m gonna take a little break… except, i haven’t really done any sort of breaking.  preschool keeps me busy, not only going back and forth every day, but the phonecalls and meetings and typing… you see, i have a very hard life. 

i’ve been doing a few crafty things, working on some random stuff, but nothing too terribly exciting.  except that bowl of clothespins.  now that’s exciting.  i was contacted by a big Big BIG magazine to possibly maybe be in an upcoming issue if i could kindly send them some samples.  just this little email has excited me so, i’m prepping some new designs and getting some old ones made so that they are ready when i hit the big time.   *IF* they decide to use my stuff.  it’s a big IF, but i want to be ready.  you just never know, do you?

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2 Comments on “remember me?”

  1. Ok that bowl of clothespins is sick I tell you!!! I wish I were half as productive as you- tell me your secrets!!
    Have the shows arrived yet? Your new name shall be queen of tartar rather than cream of tartar. thanks for brightening my day!

  2. celeste Says:

    you are a machine! amazing!

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