more cake!

so i did get to eventually go to bed last night…. where i hacked my lungs out til the wee hours.  being sick is FUN! =O

this a.m. i cut off the bumpy pieces on both cakes so they’d make good contact with each other when assembled.

beanie seemed pleased, even if she isn’t gonna eat chocolate cake… (she has funfetti pupcakes)

then we were off to grammie and poppie’s for the party!!  and for the frosting!! (here i’m about to work my magic)

in progress, it kinda reminded me of some sort of strange toupee… (or lack there-of…)

dessert is ready!

am am indebted (is that how you spell it?  that’s how i pronounce it.) to keith again at mindlesspursuits because i asked, and he told me exactly what to do.  i’m so good at following directions.  and look how good his directions were!!!  i think it was gorgeous.  and pretty tasty, too!  he’s got a great blog,  you should check him out!!

in short, my review of the pan? yes.  the wilton’s decorator icing? yes. making a girl happy for her 5th birthday? priceless.

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One Comment on “more cake!”

  1. Keith Says:

    Hey! It looks great! I’m glad it turned out for her! 😀

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