wintertime crazies have set in…

o hi there!  yep, i’m still here… somewhere… doing stuff.  and things.  you know…

it’s cold.  i’m freezing water on my back porch.  my husband asks how long i’m going to keep it up, and i think i’ll continue til it’s warm, or til i’ve busted out the bottoms on all my plastic containers.  my little “icehenge” is coming along, it makes me smile when i step outside.

the girls think it’s interesting to see what happens to the pieces as the sun shines on them, or when a wild animal starts digging out the fruit, or when mom adds to the stacks in the middle of the night when she gets home from work!

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3 Comments on “wintertime crazies have set in…”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I absolutely love your yard creativity. Totally cool.

  2. Sue Says:

    You are so creative ~~~ I wish I thought of things like this when my kids were little —- Love the Ice Henge.

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