the girls somehow got it in their head yesterday that they wanted to make fruit salad.  really?  fruit salad?  so i humored them and yeah-yeahed them, and when they woke up this a.m. they were still all gung-ho about the fruit salad.  it just seemed to me that there are too many ingredients involved, and i was afraid someone’s baby head was gonna explode…

we’ve been at home for several days now, enjoying a quiet and relaxing vacation away from the frigid chill and germy people…  there was snow in the forecast, so i had decided we’d get out and maybe do a little shopping or lunch today.  but the snow began to fall hours ahead of schedule, so we just ventured to the little local grocery.  and OH LOOK! WATERMELON! ON MY FRUIT SALAD LIST!  and HEY! ORANGES! YOU KNOW WE LOVE ORANGES!  so i bought a couple of makings for fruit salad.  i love that they are entertained for such long stretches of time with a plastic knife, some grapes, orange slices and hunks of watermelon.  (and you know they did NOT eat the orange slices, they left those for me!)


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One Comment on “FRUIT SALAD!”

  1. I think that’s awesome. It’s fun watching little kids find joy in doing simple things like this!

    I don’t blame them for leaving the orange slices – I would have too! 😉

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