and how do YOU pick YOUR tree??

we wander around the field and we all say:

 “how bout that one?”


“how bout that one?”

then we find one we like, but then wander away to see if there’s anther we like better, and then can’t find the original tree…  this year i’d throw my scarf on the possibilities so we could find them again.  and luckily, i didn’t lose my scarf!!

i have to say it is much more enjoyable to look for a tree when there is no snow on the ground and the temps are approaching 50 f.  and now that the girls are older i don’t worry about them running off and getting lost among the trees – it’s a pretty big place!  this farm also has an awesome new barn that has handmade wreaths and swags – we picked out a great square wreath for the front door with a big red bow, it’s so pretty!

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One Comment on “and how do YOU pick YOUR tree??”

  1. o-no Says:

    i was wondering if you made that square wreath… i think it is really cool!!!

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