wee! and squee! and omg!! i have to go lie down.

i’ve been known to stand in my driveway and jump up and down while clapping when something in my mailbox pleases me.  it’s not pretty, but i’ve been known to do it, that’s all i’m saying.  today was one of those days, when i reached in and pulled out a brown box from lisa at lilfishstudios.

yee-haw, felty fruit!!!  i brought them to work to show off, and the ladies were boucoups de jealous.  i’m gonna have to put them in my car, i’m afraid they’re gonna go home with someone else if i don’t lock them up!

and then, THEN! T.H.E.N.!!!!!! (click this:)


look at my beautiful girls!  look at that amazing photography!!!!  we know Gwen does incredible work and my children are gorgeous, but OMG!!!  i could faint, i really could! (and i might need to make a PT appointment after all this SHIFT EXCLAMATION POINTING!)  how will i ever decide what pics to pick???  (and family members, leave your choices with me) =)  Gwen, you’ve reduced me to babbling…. or maybe i was already like that…

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2 Comments on “wee! and squee! and omg!! i have to go lie down.”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Oh my goodness! How precious are your girls!!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    OK, first…your girls are absolutely adorable. The beautiful photography just puts that over the top! I am so excited FOR you. And they’re not even my kids! 😀 Beautiful, QV.

    Secondly, I am so glad you like the little fruities! 😀

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