even the best day ever can be better.

today = completely insane.

but it ended in the black.  yay, i had a good show tonight!! 

and i helped 15 3 year olds make turkeys by painting on their hands this morning.  that right there was priceless.

and that’s all i’ve got, so i’ll tell you a story.

the girls had an exciting day.  titi was around, mom came to parent help in the little one’s class, we went for a special lunch and the coffee shop.  we went to the craft show all together, then hunny took the girls to mcdonalds tonight for dinner.  he let the big one pour her own drink from the fountain.  she pours the drink, takes a sip out of the top of the cup, savoring the sweet orangie goodness.  she closes her eyes and sighs, then tells her daddy – this is the best day ever.  but i need a lid.

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One Comment on “even the best day ever can be better.”

  1. Debbie Says:

    So sweet. As if the rest of the day could have been rated by getting that lid.

    Glad you ended up in the black. I wanted to leave work early and get over there before the hockey game . . . but it wasn’t meant to be.

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