coat closet, cleanweek, i’m pooped.

it’s so gloomy here today, and i’m wiped out from all the excitement of the past few days.  so, you get my coat closet.  again, not so bad, but i counted up my husband’s coats and called him to ask him to guess how many coats he had in there.  he guessed 6. there were 11.  and now there’s 5. =D  and i got rid of a couple myself.  and the girls’ old coats are in the car to go to a program for children in limbo between home and fostercare.  in the beginning, i was so sad to get rid of their cute little coats, but i feel better knowing that a little girl (or tow) who might not have much of anything else has an adorable coat to keep her warm.

(to see a larger size, go here: )

the wooden boxes are Scrap Can Do! stock.  there’s not much in-stock right now, we sell our kits so fast! =D

this is another spot in our house with a light that doesn’t work.  this one may require a call to the electrician, it makes me crazy.  hunny’s always like “oh, we don’t use that light anyway…” and i’m all like “we pay a lot to live in this house, stuff should WORK.” crikey.  please tell me i’m not the only one. 


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