well that was easy…

we finished doing-over the spare bedroom downstairs early this summer.  it’s the office/guest room/laundry-prep room.  the girls call it the “changing room” because that’s where we would change them when they were in diapers.  bobbie jo calls it her room, christy calls it her room, but if we’re going for time spent there, it might be my mom’s room.  (sorry girls!)   i love many things about this room, but it is also the dumping ground for random things.


nice beer box.  it’s full of office supplies.  cuz we’re classy like that.  we don’t even DRINK beer, i’m not sure where that box came from…  and if you know me closely, you’ll know that the second i enter my house, the jammie pants go on.  i play with my girls, i crawl around all day, i want to be comfortable.  so there’s my pants, waiting for the next time i have to leave my house.  again with the classy.  we have a new printer, so that area is clean right now, hunny loves him a vaccuum.  and sometimes i make beanie take a “rest” in there, so the bed is unmade…


ooh, vaccuum lines and everything!!


my halloween costume.  my hairdryer that belongs in the upstairs bathroom, picture frames under the chair, hunny’s working-outside clothes, the dressup stuff, and a stupid closet full of stupid stuff.


i don’t wanna talk about the dustbunnies that were under the chair.  the air-intake register is right there, and it was sucking all KINDS of things into that location.  *shudder*  3 blondes in the house, i can’t blame just one of us for all that hair. ew.

and the girls’ crafts from school – i took a few down and spaced everything out, i’m darn proud of this curtain rod full of loveliness.

there’s stuff on the shredder that i *think* needs to be shredded, but that’s hunny’s task.  only he knows for sure.  =)

today was an easy one.  tomorrow i’ll go back to the craftroom.  there are some decisions to be made in there.

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One Comment on “well that was easy…”

  1. Tia Says:

    IT LOOKS GREAT!! whoops, all caps. But, it should be in all caps anyways, because it really does look great. I love freshly vaccuumed carpeting.

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