tuesday – cleanweek 2009

i just spent 3 hours in my craft room.  and i’m still not ready to show you the progress.  there’s just TOO MUCH stuff, that’s all there is to it.  all the wall space is filled, the cabinets are packed, there are still stacks on the floor.  too much stuff.  and it’s not pretty.  AND i remembered that i invited a little friend to come over and play after school tomorrow.  the overflow from the craftroom is still in the diningroom so we are very much NOT presentable for company.  i’ve gotta kick it into high gear.  i’ll tell you about the progress in the meantime =).  there are 3 xl bags going to the trash, the recycling bin is filled with scraps and old paper, and i have a nice pile of stuff that’s going to the store next time we have a crafty tagsale.  i sorted through and found papers for 4 or 5 perpetual calendars that i am excited to make, and i cleared out enough space to add a bookcase that’s been in the middle of my diningroom into the craft room.  and it’s filled with stuff now.  i’m not quite ready for the show HOARDERS yet, but i might be close.  you may want to check back on my next year and see if i’ve changed my mind about that.  and now, a sneak peek of tomorrow:

standing in the doorway - before

spare bedroom. *ugh*

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2 Comments on “tuesday – cleanweek 2009”

  1. Tia Says:

    (I added you to my blog roll, I don’t know how you weren’t already on there?)

    I need to clean my craft space too. I don’t want to. I don’t use most of the things anymore, since I’ve quite my adventures over at Etsy, but I’ve become more and more crafty as the months go on, and I can’t bring myself to box it up and put it away. I’ve decided to keep it all, since I keep going back needing something that I had previously decided to sell. I don’t know where that leaves me. Confused, and messy, haha.

    I want to see before and after’s of your craft space!!

  2. queenvanna Says:

    confused and messy, aren’t we all?! =D
    i’m gonna start over again tomorrow, round 2 in there. some things need to get moved to the basement for the time-being, but not everything is the type of stuff that can be stored in a basement. that leaves me all over the diningroom again, i bet! =D

    and i’m leaving friday for my bedroom, that’s gonna be the big one!!!

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