cleanweek, 2009

i’m scattered, i have a hard time settling in, i’m distracted, i don’t follow through… on my housework.  for the most part, my house is clean, but it’s not tidy.  there’s a lot left undone and lots to get done around here.  so at the suggestion of this sweet lady, i decided it was time to try and take action.  this would be a great week for it.  hunny was going to be out of town on trash day.  he’d never see what was leaving the house.  there was gonna be a lot leaving the house.  now his trip’s been cancelled, but i’m still inspired to pitch a whole lot and get rid of stuff that’s dragging me down.

kitchen before:

it doesn’t look so bad, but there’s just *stuff* and *things* all over the place.  and a light fixture that doesn’t work.  and dust all over.

and after:

hunny filled in a hole in the floor tile grout that’s been missing since we moved in, and changed the broken and CHEAP (and b00bshaped) light fixture.  now the one over the sink is driving me crazy because it doesn’t match… but i’ll get over it or change it soon, i’m not sure which.  some of the *stuff* is gone, the floor is clean and the counters are clear.  makes me wanna bake something from scratch and mess it all up again.

and one housekeeping hint i have for everyone:  if you’re prone to nightmares, don’t look under your toaster oven.  don’t move your toaster oven.  hire someone to do that if you don’t do it yourself on a regular basis.  yuck. and eww. and dust bunnies and cereal pieces. omy!

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One Comment on “cleanweek, 2009”

  1. Tia Says:


    We have clean kitchens. Everything has a place, and everything is IN its place.

    Feels so good 🙂

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