one lump or two?

i was never a coffee drinker, i was always a tea girl.  and then i had the baby that never slept.  after 4 months, i turned to coffee for assistance.  and the baby didn’t sleep for the next 2 years.  so i drank more coffee.  lots and lots more coffee.  i’m a busy lady, i’ve gotta keep moving!! 

she’s 3 years old now, and the “baby” sleeps a little more.  and when she doesn’t sleep, she usually entertains herself quite well.  (i am not lying when i tell you this story:  i came home one friday night from work a few months ago and went to check them.  it was 1:30 a.m. and she was lying in her bed, on her back, legs crossed, “reading” a book by nightlight.  i told her goodnight and that mama was going to bed.  she answered “ok, mama,” and went back to looking at pictures.)  it takes a lot of energy to keep up with that silly little girl!!

i’ve noticed that since i’ve been sleeping through the night more and more lately, i’m not demanding coffee at all hours of the day and night.  this morning, i didn’t even drink 1 full cup!  tonight i ran to the grocery store to pick up the few odds and ends on our list and swung through the tea aisle…  my old-time favorite was on sale, like a sign.  perhaps i’m going back to my old ways…  as long as the baby continues to let me sleep through the night.


nov 05 015

(plantation mint)

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