it’s nablopomo again…

(national blog posting month) again.

1 post a day for the entire month. 

i had a little “procedure” on thursday, and i’ve been sitting around recouperating ever since.  i overdid it trick-or-treating last night, but it was worth it.  we were heroes to the girls – we went to 15 whole houses.  beanie counted.

she enjoyed the counting, but she does not enjoy the candy… she’s picky.  some is too chewy, some is too crunchy, and when she bit into a 3 musketeers bar, the said this inside was “absolutely disgusting!”  that’s ok though, babycakes likes candy enough for both of them.  it’s funny to see the differences in 2 children that are so close in age, living pretty much the same lives.  when we got home, beanie took each piece out one by one commenting on its size or color or shape, and little babycakes was chomping on a bag of peanut m&ms before i even got in the house and turned on the lights.  she would’ve eaten it all in one sitting if we let her…  and beanie would still be sorting hers by its nutritional content…

hope you had a happy halloween!

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