October 2002

October 2002, Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk by you.

Imagine walking twenty miles.
Imagine walking twenty miles in a driving rain.
Imagine walking your first ten steps in an ankle deep puddle.
Imagine not being able to see from side to side because of rain hoods and ponchos.
Imagine needing windshield wipers for your glasses all day.
Imagine your feet sloshing, squishing, sliding, slooping and swimming from mile 1 to mile 15.5.

Now Imagine This:

Imagine 5,600 walkers showing up knowing under those conditions they would still walk 60 miles.
Imagine looking forward to stopping at a port a potty just to stay out of the rain.
And then Imagine losing your under wear under layers of soaking, dripping clothing, fanny packs and ponchos……
Imagine an all volunteer crew cheering you on, taking care of you, feeding you despite the driving rain from morning till night.
Imagine kids from the local elementary school cheering you on through rain soaked windows.
Imagine overwhelming the only deli along the route and the owners who rose to the occasion with pots of hot coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate.
Imagine on mile 16, the rain dripping down your face, your hair plastered to your head, your lips blue, your teeth chattering, a fellow walker turning to you and saying " Dahling, you look marvelous!"
Imagine climbing up the last hill on mile 20 only to be told they had to cancel the 3 Day.

Now Imagine This:

Imagine the true theme of the 3 Day- HumanKind-Be Both
Imagine warm fleeces, dry shirts and 5,000 mylar blankets to anyone in need.
Imagine being soaked to the skin and not even knowing it.
Imagine stepping out of a food tent and stepping into ankle deep mud- good for your face but not for your shoes.
Imagine digging in to a steaming hot plate of delicious tortellini, crispy garlic bread and Baby Watson Cheese cake (thanks Crew)
Imagine singing and dancing to karaoke and kicking to New York, New York while waiting to be evacuated.
Imagine dragging your cold, wet, exhausted body into the comfort of the Rockland Community College gym floor.
Imagine your contributions combined with the contribution of other to add up to the grand total of $9,000,000 net for this New York 3 Day alone.
Imagine an end to breast cancer.

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2 Comments on “October 2002”

  1. Tina Says:

    Something you will never forget and the contribution that you made.

    I’m cold and feeling yucky from just reading your post.

  2. Peg Says:


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