summer’s winding down…

did i week go by already?  we stayed close to home this week, all the galavanting has worn me out!  elena came to visit with her girls, and the children played so happily all afternoon…  i think my girls enjoyed being the “big girls”

i had a little time to get my craft on, too.  i’ve signed up to do a couple of shows later in the fall, and i know it’s time to get my butt in gear.

   a few of my favorite things....  craft 365 - year 2 - day 71 craft 365 - year 2 - day 69 

i also contributed to the little black box this month.  i don’t know what it is, but every-other time i send samples to her, i have to buy a box of my own.  there are some really cool contributors this month,  check it out!  i am working approximately 723 hours at the store this weekend, so hopefully my little box of sunshine will arrive early next week – a special little treat for me!

i’m also teaching at the store a little bit, so i’ve been making class layouts for a back to school class, and a halloween class.

craft 365 - year 2 - day 66  craft 365 - year 2 - day 65

we still have 2 weeks left til school starts, and so many fun things to do!!


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