ups and downs, downs and ups… for all the crazy things that have hapened,  i’m trying to make the most of it all.  this has been an incredible summer.  a few years ago, i decided the sign of a good summer was flip-flop tanlines.  i achieved those early on.  and my girls have tan legs and little white booties.  that’s gotta show they’ve been having fun, too!  i have been so lucky to have this time to spend with my girls.  my hunny works hard so that i can play hard.  tomorrow he has the day off and i’m hoping to come up with a fun outing for us so he can enjoy what we get to enjoy almost every day…

 the girls have tried lots of new things this summer, including the tooting turtle sprinkler (it doesn’t really toot though, how disappointing!):

 aug 18 005

aug 18 006

and babycakes enjoyed her 3rd birthday party – tinkerbell themed:

  aug 17 184

aug 17 161

she just saw this pic and said “that’s my most favorite scooter ever!”

and i’m gonna toot mah horn and say the decorations were awesome.  i may not take them down ever.  behold!  my mantle!!

aug 17 098

and the cake.  omg, the cake.  i will lie to you and tell you it was impossible to make.  you don’t need to know how easy it was.

rainbow cake - the finished product by you.


frosting recipe was supplied by keith at mindless pursuits.  click his shop name and see his version of a rainbow cake!  it’s a stabilized whipped cream and it was fantastic – the cake looked like a cloud til i cut into it, then there was the shock of color.  awesome.  and delicious!

now for the rest of the day i will put laundry away and shuffle things around.  we’ll stay low-key today, for there’s a lot of celebrating to be had tomorrow!

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6 Comments on “blessed”

  1. Christy Says:

    OMG the mantle! And the Tink outfit! And the cake! See what I missed being all the way out here?

  2. Tina Says:

    Wow! Love the girlie girl mantle, rainbow cake and a girlie scooter. You did well girl!

  3. Heather Says:

    What a cute party! Your girls are going to have such wonderful childhood memories!

  4. o-no Says:

    have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!!
    celebrate till you can’t any more!!!!!

  5. Mandy Jo Says:

    Good Lord! WHAT A CELEBRATION! Everything is precious. And I LOVE the gay pride cake. I must make one for my next church social.
    And I think that’s my most favorite scooter ever, too.

  6. Oh how awesome! It looks like babycakes got everything she wanted! I want a Tinkerbell-themed party myself- so I might have to reference your girlmantle- once we have a house and said mantle. BTW flip-flops are always my go-to shoes! Tan lines & all! 🙂

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