the kitchen edition

– i’ve never liked turkey sandwiches…  i thought they never really tasted like anything.  but today, i had a run-of-the-mill turkey on white with mayo, cheese, lettuce and tomato, and decided it wasn’t that bad….  it just tasted like chilliness.

-the girls BEG me to get oranges every time they come to the grocery store with me.  they beg, they plead, they ask nicely and say please and all that.  and i tell them no, because they don’t like oranges, and they’ll take one bite, then there will be 3/4 left of an uneaten orange, and the rest of the bag of oranges that they wanted so bad.  and i prefer apples, so no.  today i relented.  guess who ate 3/4 of an uneaten orange with her turkey sandwich today, and has another couple of oranges sitting in her fruitbowl?

-my most favorite meal ever is cheese burgers on the grill (well done) with sauteed mushrooms and onions and a little bit of horseradish sauce.  the. best. meal.  the only thing that will make it better is if it’s on a potato roll.  this is what i’d request for my last meal if i were on death row.  not that i’d ever do anything to get me there, but you know what i mean.

– i cooked an eggplant for the first time (i think) ever last week.  it was so good i nearly made myself sick eating half an eggplant that  afternoon.  so now i’m over eggplant for a while.  (  i say “i think” because i know i’ve bought them before, but i can’t remember ever doing anything with them.)

-we’ve got a couple birthdays coming up in our house next week, and we are big into making plans for it right now…  the one aspect of this celebration that is driving me to distraction is RAINBOW cake.  mostly the frosting for said cake.  i want to MAKE frosting.  betty and duncan do just fine for cakeballs and pupcakes, but i want the real thing this time.  so i’ll take any suggestions i can get.  the only ____ (what’s that word i can’t think of?  i swear i’ve had a stroke)…  hmmm… the only thing is that i want it to be WHITE frosting.  a little help here?

feeding time at the zoo... by you.

not that it matters to anyone but me, these people will eat anything (except oranges)!

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4 Comments on “the kitchen edition”

  1. katie Says:

    my mother (who considers herself a closet professional cake decorator) uses a recipe similar to this one

    except you can omit the butter flavoring (especially since I have nooo idea what that could even be) and using a non-clear vanilla extract isn’t too big of an issue – mom’s frosting is always very white and she uses a brown-colored extract.

    ps – we need to set up a meeting so you can try on the trial of the jacket (so I can get started on the real one!!) 🙂

  2. Christy Says:

    The only recipe that comes to mind for frosting is the one off the side of the box of confectioner’s sugar. My mom would make that from time to time (when the $$$ was low & we couldn’t afford store-bought frosting to be exact.) I know it uses butter & vanilla…and it is white from the sugar. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like cake…

    AND let me tell you how mad I am at the Fedex guy…something about needing a signature for the new computer…no one was home…FREAKIN’!!!

  3. April Says:

    This is the recipe I always use for icing.

    The only change I make is I replace the regular shortening with butter flavored Crisco… though that turns it slightly yellow, so you would need to use the regular to keep it white.

  4. Yori Says:

    My aunt made homemade frosting once with butter confectionery sugar and cocoa (you could probably find a recipe using vanilla). OH – and I know a place where you can get PLENTY of confectionery sugar for free…..

    let me know.

    P.S. I’ve had some pretty decent sliced chicken from the deli (I think it was buffalo flavored).

    Ok – now I’m hungry

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