i’m just a mom taking pictures of my kids…

i didn’t get much done in the crafty department this week, just working on some calendars for a wholesale order…  they’re black and white and red all over! =)

but we did squeeze in 2 trips this week, since i took my jaunt to the cape solo last week…  this week i learned that the children LOVE the beach.


july 28 198

while we were there i worked on taking horizontal pictures…  seems like something silly to need to work on, but i take 90% of my pictures vertically (see pic above).  i’m going to be teaching a few more layout classes at the store in the upcoming months, so i’m hoping to have a nice supply of pictures in every direction to scrapbook!  for some reason, the taller ones are more pleasing to my eye.  and they might be easier to take because i can zoom a lot of the distracting background out.  really, you did not want to see the lady who thought a white sports bra was acceptable beach attire – she is  just out of the shot.

july 28 275

i know that i can do a million things after taking the pictures to edit them, and i occasionally crop or fool with the colors on my photos, but i just don’t have much interest in that part of the whole process… (and i might not have any clue as to what i’m doing, either.)  i’m a take the pic – print it out – let it sit in the pile on the table for 4 months – kind of scrapper!

but like the bird sign says – it’s time to spread my wings:

july 30 009


july 30 006

and learn a new thing or 2!

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3 Comments on “i’m just a mom taking pictures of my kids…”

  1. Tia Says:

    Gosh, I want to take my kids to the beach SO BAD. I loved seeing your photos. I’m bubbling with sandy jealousy.

  2. o-no Says:

    the pics are GREAT!! i know what you mean… 99% of mine are taken vertical… gives it more of a “portrait” feel…
    and besides that is how clover wants her pic taken!

  3. MandyJo Says:

    I have the same problem (vertical pic addiction) and I get so frustrated when I need to build a horizontal ad and realize that I just took 1000 photos and only 10 of them are horizontal. I never learn.

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