continuing on…

self portrait thursday - july 23, 2009 by you.

i have been through the wringer the past coupla weeks, but i’m just doing what i can

and chillin’ with my girls.

we’re working on the potty training, and in true babycakes fashion, she’s full of riddles and inconsistencies.  she held it when we went to the post office, target, the grocery store and to pick up lunch today…. but tinkled on the ONLY rug we have in the whole darn house the other day not 10 minutes after she had gone on the potty.  i guess she just likes to keep me guessing.

words cannot begin to explain... by you.

that’s my girl!

so the plan for next week is to give a crafty update, i have been working on things, but nothing you haven’t seen before…

gotta work on changing that!






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4 Comments on “continuing on…”

  1. MandyJo Says:

    I love the photos and I’m completely charmed by the way your watermelon and strawberries grow. But I think there’s a large gangly witch in your garden. Or a spider?
    And peeing on a rug is a no no in this house, too. Bad bad bad. Especially if I just took you to potty. You have the patience of Job, my friend.

  2. Tina Says:

    How old exactly is she? I waited until my daughter was 2 3/4 and a neighbor was watching her, put her on the toilet (first time) and when I came for her, I asked her if she’d like big girl pants. I told her if she went on the toilet, I’d get those for her and a record player. The next day we shopped for them and that was my toilet training. My mother was after and after me from the time she was one and I ignored her. I felt why go through all the grief.

  3. I can’t even begin to think of potty training. I’m also just amazed at how much you get done on a daily basis- from what you blog/ your photos show!!! I don’t want to rush Hazel in all her almost 8-month glory, but I’d like to get back to being a crafter ANd a mama!

  4. Shannon Says:

    My daughter will be 3 in September, and we seem to be taking the lazy-parent approach to potty-training. It’s not working. The other night I was taking her to the potty, coaxing her all the way, and she peed on the bathroom floor, about 3 feet away from the potty. I wanted to run my head into a wall. I guess someday she’ll get it?

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