lazy days of summer…

we went to the aquarium this week, kinda on a whim:

beluga by you. 

both girls loved it, but babycakes was terribly upset when it was time to leave.  she’s been having a rough time transitioning when she’s having a fantastic time…  “how dare you ask me to come eat dinner, i’m playing with my poniiiiiiiiiiies!”  she has a screech that she KNOWS gets to me, and she uses it quite often.  luckily, i was able to calm her with the promise of icecream and more shopping.  she loves “more shopping”.

the weather has finally been warmer and sunny, too, so i’m making an effort to do something we don’t always get to do.  next week might be the splash park i’ve heard about in new haven…  we might try to do something in each county before the summer’s over! =)

i started potty training babycakes (again) this week, and all is going well.  i decided it might be best to stay closer to home today, just so she gets some more practice in.  i dragged out the old wading pool, and it’s very clear to see that we have outgrown it:

might be time for a bigger pool by you. 

seems crazy that just a couple of years ago, i was worried about beanie drowning herself in it.  she could barely step over the side to get in!

telling secrets by you.

but they don’t seem to mind at all!

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4 Comments on “lazy days of summer…”

  1. Tina Says:

    What a sweet picture of the girls in the wading pool.

    Smart idea to do fun things in the state – your staycation.

  2. Evelyn Says:

    LOVE the sisters one! SO SO cute.

  3. o-no Says:

    i think the pool is just right!!!!!!
    get out and enjoy your 3 days of summer weather there!!!

  4. MandyJo Says:

    Oh V, they are so precious.

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