back where i belong…

home again from my whirl-wind trip to california for my brother-in-law’s wedding.  everything was top-notch – she’s a doll, her family is so sweet, all the parties were fun and everything was beautiful.  they did not skip one detail.

poolside by you. 

this is the day after the pool-side wedding…  i think every female that was there was nearly crippled the next day -why do we insist on wearing uncomfortable shoes?! because they’re darn cute, that’s why.

we *did* get a break once the official duties were over at the reception:

what do YOU call these shoes? by you.

you can tell the one from connecticut by her paste-y white un-spraytanned leg. =/

and i wanted to show you the dark heart i made for their wedding card – i did the first letter of each of their names and this heart – and of course i didn’t take a picture of the end product.  you’ll have to trust me, it was adorable.

<3 by you.

while this is surprisingly easy, it’s slightly complicated, too…  i should learn to photoshop so that i could center the heart, but it’s just easier to print it like this, then hack off the blackness with a paper trimmer =)  if you look close, you can see the reflection of my glasses and my jammie pants.  it was 10 o’clock and raining outside.  i’d love to know what my neighbors think of us…. 

this week i’m back to crafting and thinking about some things…  there are changes afoot, but i’ll save that for another day…

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One Comment on “back where i belong…”

  1. becca.elpy Says:

    sounds like you had a great time! 🙂

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