the return of the queen

alrighty, i suppose i’m  back from vacation… reluctantly.  sesame place was so much fun – we probably could’ve stayed another day or 2!

old friends           telly...           super grover! 

beanie loved the characters and babycakes tollerated them from a distance.  we all went on some fun rides, some of which i was VERY surprised my small children wanted to get on – the big bouncy thing, the way high up thing, the waterslides…  there weren’t that many people at the park either day,  and the weather held out for the most part.  it was f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c.

back here on the homefront, when my mom’s not scooting back and forth to cape cod to visit ailing family, and my sister’s not visiting from 1300 miles away, and my other sister’s not crashing her car and my dad’s not having a  heart attack, things are quiet.  i’ve really gotten into making these wooden disk magnets:

craft 365 - year 2 - day 29

i’ve made 200 sample bags in the past week, along with a bunch of sets that i have put on etsy . i’m excited to start selling them in- person at craft shows during the holidays – i’ve got lots of ideas for holiday themed ones.

this week i’m thinking about making new perpetual calendars, now that my craftroom is 70% clean it’s much more fun to make things – everything so SO much easier to find!  let’s hope it stays this way!

craft 365 - year 2 - day 24 by you.

look! there’s a floor in there after all!

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3 Comments on “the return of the queen”

  1. thebrokins Says:

    Wow! That is some hardcore organizing!

  2. lynnfromforloveorfunny Says:

    Darn! I never should have looked at the picture of your craft room, ’cause now I have to admit that I should organize mine!

  3. o-no Says:

    OMG! sesame place ROCKS!!!!!!!

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