so! much! excitement!

we have squoze so much fun into the past week that it should be the end of the summer already… but WAIT, there’s

MORE!!  vacation next week!!  woooo!  but i’ll save that for next time.  if ya wanna hear a whooole lot of squealing in front

of a bubble machine, click right here!!  we owe THAT to THIS:

the summer just got a whole lot more insanerererer.

well that was fun!

i’ve also been making piles and piles of these fun wooden magnets  and i’m finishing up the final details on another Scrap Can Do kit!

scrap can do!

this is going to be taught as a workshop at New England Scrapbook Company on June 14!!  hope you can come!!

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One Comment on “so! much! excitement!”

  1. o-no Says:

    ok the bubbles i got said it would make 100’s of bubbles with one blow…… but that bubble machine…. it is very impressive!!!!

    i am still bringing the old fashion bubbles!!!!

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