how does one transport 750 cupcakes to a parade?

turns out, the answer is UNFROSTED! =D  A local farm and friend of the preschool donated homemade birthday cupcakes as an after-parade-snack today. 


it’s the preschool’s 60th birthday and we all wanted to celebrate!!  i think we had the biggest section in the parade, too…  lots of decorated wagons, lots of “virtue word” shirts and signs,


and a whole lot of sweetness!  i had a hard time deciding on the virtue words for the girls’ shirts – the choices were PERSEVERANCE, CREATIVITY, KNOWLEDGE, or PATIENCE (and maybe 1 more).  (then after the big word, it said “just a little something i learned at xx preschool”).  flippin adorable.  and it hadn’t occured to me to make one in MY size – the teachers had the iron ons on their aprons – so sweet!


my mom is out of town and since we are the family park & ride to the airport, we have her convertible to ride around in til she gets home.  the weather has been so nice to we tossed the carseats in the back and have spent much time just driving around with the top down!riding with the top down

seems like we always have work or a picnic or some sort of plans for a 3 day weekend,  but we really had nothing going on for most of the weekend, and it has been fabulous…  i love getting together with friends or family, but it’s been wonderful spending time as a little family of 4, doing what we please, going where we want without having any real expectations…  a perfectly lazy holiday weekend! 

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2 Comments on “how does one transport 750 cupcakes to a parade?”

  1. Tina Says:

    Those cupcakes look yummy. I hope you didn’t have to transport all of them.

    The girls look like they are enjoying Grandmas’s cool car. Love the shades.

    I spent most of the weekend planting, weeding and potting and taking Arthritis Tylenol. I need to go to work tomorrow to rest.

  2. Evelyn Says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of cupcakes to transport. They would really fly in a convertible. LOL!

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