my emotionals are all… well… emotional.

the people around me are sick to death of hearing about this, i’m sure, but you all haven’t really gotten it full force yet. so here ya go.

i spent last weekend in branford at a performing arts reunion organized by the choral director who has been there almost 25 years.  she meant to do it for her 25th year, but miscounted (that is adorable to me), so it was a 24 year reunion.  there were rehearsals and jam sessions (a band jam, not a choir jam, but wouldn’t that be fun!?!  too geeky? sorry.) a bbq, a concert at yale’s woolsey hall,  and lots of time to visit and reminisce.  i saw people i haven’t seen in 15 years, and i enjoyed every second.

if you have a second or 2, i think you’d enjoy listening to this (it’s short).  can you believe the singers are all 15, 16 and 17 years old?! 

and a few pics, too…

alumni weekend

view from the alto section at the start of the concert

alumni weekend concert

 local celeb and performing arts grad (class of i’mnotsurehewantsmetosay)!

alumni wknd  

props! there were props!!  surrender the booty, suzanne!

big attendance!performing arts alumni weekend by you.

if you’re sick to death of hearing about it, i promise i’ll talk about something else next week… for this week, you’re gonna have to suffer!  =D

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