still a succulent wild woman (just more grounded now)

so Mel, over at the Hobocamp wrote last week about how SARK inspires her, and i cracked up thinking about one crazy time 9 years ago to the week when SARK entered my life…  i was on a scrapbooking retreat on a gorgeous spring weekend.  there were sculptures outside the scrapbooking room and along with the gals i was with, we posed holding rocks and frolicking around and flinging our limbs like the designs on the book… and then i lost my mind.

apr 29 151 apr 29 153 apr 29 154

seriously – at the exact moment that the second pic was taken, i was convinced that i’d never walk again.  but lucky for me, i was 24 years old and recovered almost immediately.  i cannot say the same would be true today.

i was outside playing with the girls this afternoon and for just one moment i thought about doing a cartwheel.  then i imagined having a broken wrist, neck and ankle.  then i changed my mind about the cartwheel, and thought about the last time i was upside down so long ago…


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One Comment on “still a succulent wild woman (just more grounded now)”

  1. OMg I am just now seeing this! Love it!! I broke my wrist when I was younger so my cart wheel days are sadly over.. unless I try 1-handed or no hands- but really let’s be rational!

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