so here’s where you know i’m crazy, if you weren’t sure before….  i know some guys who rather enjoy going to hooters.  i don’t know what part of the experience they enjoy the most, but from the pics, it appears as though they might kinda like the attention from the ladies (waitresses)….  so as my coffee was brewing a few minutes ago, i was thinking…  what would be the female equivalent of a jaunt to hooters?

guy waiters?  ok, sure.  good looking, of course.  their dress?  no need for the chipendales attire, i’d be just fine with corporate business casual – kahkis and a buttondown shirt.  then what would make this place appeal to women, like hooters draws the mans?  what would make it sexy to go there?  of course they’d have the best cheesecake in town. cheesecake sells.

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4 Comments on “wondering…”

  1. katie c Says:

    I personally used to love hockey game days in high school – the members of the team were required to wear a nice shirt, a tie, and nice pants.

    hockey players dressed up? mmmm.

    add cheesecake to that and I’d think I’d die right on the spot.

  2. charli Says:

    In my humble opinion, men look super sexy wearing just some pajama pants. That’s it. Serving cheesecake is good. And chocolate. Mmmm.

  3. Mandy Says:

    The guys would also have to have nice shoes and good teeth. Just sayin’.

  4. Eileen Says:

    We passed a restaurant n florida called beefcakes. I think it was a reverse Hooters kind of place.

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