what’s been going on?


i made this for a class this saturday, but i really dropped the ball and didn’t finish it far enough in advance to get a bunch of show-time.  hopefully i’ll have a few signups – i’m actually pretty impressed with myself!!  (monique, the amt of cutting this will take will give you a seizure,  you’ve been warned.) (the rest of you – it’s not really that much cutting, and really – LOOK HOW SWEET IT IS!)

what else has been going on?  i’ll tell ya!  a whole lot of these:

 a wild tuesday night 

and even more of these:about 100

and HOORAY! looka these!:  behold!  i can grow seeds!! 

(winter squash!)

the girls LOVE that today was warm enough to go outside with no coat.  babycakes let me put a ponytail in her hair and boy-howdy, she looks so grown up.  beanie enjoyed having me come to her school to volunteer today, but she was more excited that she got to pick the snack – a melange of toddler foods – pretzels, popcorn, kix, goldfish and craisins, all her favorites! 

so the short story is that i have been insanely busy and crafty (hooray!) and everyone here is still enjoying the good life.  hope you are too!


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