if my camera weren’t out in the car, i’d show you more…

i’ve twittered, i’ve facebooked, i’ve flickred, and now i suppose it’s time to blog…  and i’m all outta things to say.  =)

coming up this weekend, i’ll be at the store friday and saturday nights, and early to bed saturday night, cuz the easter bunny will be hippity hopping his way to our house!  i’m working on some carrot cakeballs – hope there’s one or 2 left for our special visitor with the long ears!

this week i’ve been working on an insanely large order that involves a whole lotta red, white and black…

number blocks 

christy came to help for a few hours one day, and i appreciate it immensely.  (her help, AND the choc cream pie she brought!)

there’s new magnets in the queenvanna shop

new magnets and once i get my big order done, there will be tons more.  seriously, i got 1,000 of those wooden disks delivered this week.  i need to order more of the insanely strong magnets, but i have enough to get me through for now 😉

and now i must return to decoupage-a-palooza.


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3 Comments on “if my camera weren’t out in the car, i’d show you more…”

  1. o-no Says:

    was it red…. or crimson???

  2. Mandy Says:

    Roll Tide, Vanna!

  3. Tina Says:

    Big order for the same university?

    See you Fri. night at the crop.

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