it’s the little things

there are lots of things that i ignore doing as a mom, and a few things that maybe people think i drop the ball on…  we’ve never been to the petting zoo or the circus. when hunny and i go to california this summer, they’re staying home with family.  i do not see disney anywhere in our future.  why stress myself out with all that work?  they like their little routines and their little lives.  they like going to the park and to target.  they don’t think they’re missing anything, and neither do i.

and it’s important to me that the special things are really, truly special.  holidays and birthdays are kinda a big deal.  and the easter bunny for beanie.  check them out:


made for each other.

babycakes declined to go anywhere near the bunny, she watched from behind the stroller, peeking over the seat when she thought his attention was diverted.  so babycakes, when you’re pissy with me in 15 years or so that there are no pictures of you with the bunny, it was because i didn’t want to make you cry.  and you ate EVERYTHING off the salad bar at ruby tuesdays afterward.  a little something for everyone today!

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6 Comments on “it’s the little things”

  1. Christy Says:

    I dont know what makes me smile more…your blog post or the pics with the bunny & beanie…*sigh*

    ur such a good mama (but I DO have to defend the mouse)

  2. Tina Says:

    Really cute pics. I remember one Easter when I took my daughter to see the Easter Bunny and she wanted no part of him. I think she was about 15 months.

  3. o-no Says:

    BFF !!!

  4. yori Says:

    I was 12 before we went to Disney. I don’t know if young kids would really be able to handle all that fund sun and excitement. With all the money you spend to get down there do you leave so they can have a nap? Do you make them so tired that the second half of the say your wondering why you’ve done this to yourself and them?…

    You know my problems – another story for another time – but never in a million years do I have an issue with my first plane ride and trip to Disney not occurring until I was 12.

    Love Beanie & EB… soo cute!

  5. lemonadeaccessories Says:

    I’ve been to Disney so many times I couldn’t even begin to count (although, I DID live half an hour from it for the first 20 years of my life!)

    I have to high-five babycakes because I hated the Easter bunny AND Santa. Scary!

  6. lemonadeaccessories Says:

    Oh, and my grandma used to get us tickets to the circus for Christmas every year. I was so glad when she stopped that!

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