i am both laughing AT me and WITH me…

so the consignment request i mentioned last week – is finally complete, except i have to include a picture of myself and a brief write up.  so i just took 120 pictures of myself, and i can’t stand any of them.  my self-portraits always look like a newspaper photo – like above the human interest story about heroin coming to a small town, or the lady that survived the locust attack… or something.  i’m too serious or too smirky, or something.  oh well, this is the one i decided to go with:

self portrait thursday, march 12, 2009

the lady who has come to terms with the orbs that follow her over her left shoulder.  i just can’t capture the lady who loves the sound of mod podge squishing through a foam brush… i’ll have to work on that…

p.s.  christy wanted me to be sure i mentioned the cake balls i am making to bring to her house tomorrow.  if you wanna be invited, talk to her!!


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5 Comments on “i am both laughing AT me and WITH me…”

  1. I think you look beautiful, QV. Nice shot, and I personally love the orbs that are skulking around.

  2. I’m with lil fish on this one. Of course if you are anything like me- you can never see how beautiful you look. You do and this is a great shot to go with your pieces. the coloring is so natural and ethereal and perfect! Hope those cakeballs were divine- I’m going to have to put Hazel in her best dress and drive up to CT to meet the cake ball maker!

  3. yori Says:

    Mmmmm Cakeballs…

  4. Tina Says:

    Very natural looking picture of you and a good one.

    Have fun at Christy’s. You’ll be missed at Friday night’s crop.

  5. Monique Says:

    What?! You’re not working Fri?

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