slowly, slowly…

hey! by you.

look closely – 2 tiny sprouts!  i forget what they are…

seems like everything has been in slow motion this week…  i think it’s the weather, i feel like i’m moving backwards.  the snow, the cold… am done with it. 

i’m working on some inventory for a consignment deal that sounds GREAT.  the business owner really seems to have it all figured out, and she seems super excited to get some of my inventory in her shop.  so if you’re ever passing through Clinton, TN, i’ll have to tell you where to visit!!

i’ve got a wild hair that springs up every now and then, and it’s time to get rid of some of the crap in my house.  hunny pointed out a closet filled with things we have not unpacked, and stand back, i unpacked it – almost all – into the trash bin.  really.  throw pillows i’ve hated from the day i bought them, a magazine rack that never matched anything, a busted printer…. tell me i’m not the only one that had a busted printer in their closet.  and aol cds.  remember those??  1500 hours free aol!  we are jerks.  =D

but now we’re jerks with an empty shelf in our closet…

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5 Comments on “slowly, slowly…”

  1. mandyjo Says:

    Good for you! My plan for next week (assuming the shoulder cooperates) is to clean out and purge major league in our office/scrapbook room. It’s making me crazy. I am hoping bobbie jo will volunteer to come help one or two days.

  2. o-no Says:

    i thought that was chocolate when i first saw the picture……

  3. Christy Says:

    I too have started purging…found a gift card for Kohls…$45+ on it…a CD that I had bought for a Christmas gift for Andrew…a newspaper from Nov 2008…so I have started a box for Jenn’s fair at Lake Garda…time to start living free of guilt!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    I love yout blog!

  5. yes I too thought you were showing off a batch of brownies lol. I def remember the free Aol minutes! We don’t have a broken printer- but we have so many other things we need to rid ourselves of. ugh this isn’t easy!

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