just another day…

self portrait thursday - feb 26, 2009 by you.

i will be so glad when this day is over.  after oversleeping (how does THAT happen?!)  a tough time getting beanie to school, finding out my teenage neighbor had been in a horrific accident, blah, blah, blah… i was happy to see the strike of noon.  this pic was at about 2 minutes after 12…  we went without incident til 7p.m. when i found out someone lost their job, and babycakes had a terrible time settling down for bed.  are you depressed yet?

let’s bring it up a notch.  look how sweet:

sweet thing... 

alissa’s sweet little girl, just 2 weeks old…

and look what i made:



 special order 

the snowman was a little show of love for an internet friend who lives in the desert – she was only about a foot tall and lasted about 20 minutes, but it made my buddy’s day.  and the clothespins are for a special order – the buyer is using them as gifts for a group she belongs to – what a sweetie!

and since my day has been exciting enough, i’m off to bed before anything else can happen!

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3 Comments on “just another day…”

  1. I hope things are getting better- sending well wishes your way. In these times you really never know what is going to happen from day -day. stay strong mama and hug those little girlies!

  2. o-no Says:

    a very sweet pic of the girls at their table…… and you!!!!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Just peeking at your blog and I’m wondering if that is an pink Iowa t-shirt your wearing?

    Do you live in Iowa? I’m an Iowa gal, too!

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