let’s play a game!!

i just drove home from work with the radio turned all the way up.  so loud i couldn’t hear myself sing.  it’s been a looong time, and it felt GREAT!!  i’ll give a prize (of my choice, don’t be greedy) to anyone who can guess a song i sang.  it’s a half hour drive, i sang quite a bit.  i’ll also award prizes for the first 3 people who make me laugh with their suggestion.  guess as many times as you’d like!!  prizes will be mailed or delivered in person this week!!

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16 Comments on “let’s play a game!!”

  1. “Oh your a womanizer, oh womanizer, oh , your a womanizer, womanizer, oh”

    by britney spears, a true genius artist and lyricist of this day…i am sarcastic, you this right?

  2. Her name was Lola, she was a show girl with yellow feathers in her hair
    and a dress cut down to there.
    whe would merenge and do the chacha
    and while she always tred to be a star, Tony always tended bar
    Across a crowded floor they worked from 8 to 4
    they were young and had each other, could ask for more?

    at the Copa Copabana
    the hottest spot north of Havanna
    Music and Passion were always the passion
    at the Copa Copacabana!

  3. mandyjo Says:

    that song by christina aguilera…sometimes i’m a super bitch….I can’t think of the name but I hear it so many times in a day I know all the lyrics…shall I hum a few bars?

  4. Peg Says:

    Gotta’ be either Meatloaf — Paradise by the Dashboard Light (…come on, boy, I can wait all night), or Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. But truly the only song that would take you all the way home would be Alice’s Restaurant … but I’m afraid it’s a little before your time and I am showing my age.

  5. debbie Says:

    I am woman hear me roar….by Helen Reddy?

  6. o-no Says:

    hmmm how about a hint… did you recently search youtube for it???

    no parkin baby….. no parkin on the dance floor… whoaaaaaa

  7. i am back…
    “You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
    See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen ”

    i bet they don’t even lay that on the radio anymore….nevermind

  8. Holly Says:

    Drivin’ My Life Away by Eddie Rabbitt…

    “Windsheild wipers- slappin out the tempo! Keepin’ perfect rythym with the song on the radioooooo…”

  9. queenvanna Says:

    2 winners so far!!

    and as for hints – the most recent was released this past august, and the oldest was early (ish) 70s that saw more success about 7-8 years ago…

  10. queenvanna Says:

    I’ll give a hint since I heard the end when I started the car this morning…..think Jamie Foxx duet. I have a funny one if someone wants to steal it….It was 5 degrees last night, the car’s heater is on the fritz and when I look outside this morning the sunroof was back. She tells me she was trying to circulate the air. 😉 …hubby….

  11. Whitestone Stitchery Says:

    Well, I suppose from your hints it was NOT the Copacabana. hahaha

  12. When I first saw you? Jamie Foxx and Beyonce

  13. lemonadeaccessories Says:

    You were SO singing “Golddigger.” (That’s Kanye and Jamie Foxx, right?)

  14. queenvanna Says:

    ooh, there are many winners!! i’ll be letting you know if you won shortly, if i haven’t already!! =D

  15. queenvanna Says:

    yay, thanks for playing! that was fun – we’ll do it again soon!!
    megan, debbie, jaymie and rachael, you’re the big weiners- umm, winners!!

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