livingroom window

i sent both girls up for a nap, they’re both sleeping (GOSH! A MIRACLE!), i’ve done a ton of housework today, made home made tomato and meat sauce, the sun is beating in my livingroom window, and i just might doze for a while…  nah.  there’s still plenty more internet to see.

there is the slimmest of possibilities that someone might be coming to do some work with me in the next few days, so i wanted to get things presentable here just in case.  every once in a while i should make “almost plans” with someone who doesn’t know me to inspire me to wash my kitchen floor and dust my television.  i need that kind of motivation to clean my powder room mirror.  =)

our glamorous weekend plans include peeling wallpaper in the UAB (Ugly Ass Bedroom), lamenting over paint colors (too much green?), and working on our ice sculpture pieces…

USA ice

more snow for sunday, so it sounds like we’ll spend the next few days close to home.  and that sounds great to me.

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