arts and crafts with beanie

after this whole orkut debacle, i’m still not feeling the blog thing.  i’m kinda pissy about it all.
beanie has to bring some ice to contribute to the ice sculpture at school next tuesday.  because our weekends are kinda hectic, we decided to start the project today while it’s fresh in her mind and so it’s done in time.
beanie's potential ice
she wants “striped” ice and glitter.  imagine that.  i think we’ll add another layer when the first one is solid – think that’ll work as stripes in a 3 year old’s head?  and the next layer will be the glitter layer – i’ve gotta dig some out of my stash.  (teehee, every time i talk about a “stash”, i think of a moustache.  and digging glitter out of my moustache just made me giggle)
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2 Comments on “arts and crafts with beanie”

  1. onama Says:

    Digging glitter out of your moustache made ME giggle too. hehe

  2. o-no Says:

    hmmm will they be consuming this ice???or is it just decorations???

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