not the weekend i had planned…

so tonight is shaping up to be the boring stretch of the weekend…  but i have cut a LOT today, and after the girls go to bed, i suppose i’ll start pasting…

wippy wippy...

i’ve got pieces for 11 calendars cut out, and a special order for 65 clothespins… there’s some shrinky dinks on there that got made earier this evening, and they are darn cute!  but…

my toaster oven has lost its mind.  the dinger doesn’t ding any more… and the ticker ticks and ticks even after it’s done toasting, then it’ll tick til it turns itself to STAY ON.  so it’s unplugged when not in use, cuz i don’t need it in there making bagels while i’m up in bed, or shrinky dinks while i’m in the shower…  and who knows what would happen if it caught wind that the tivo is in the livingroom recording suggestions…  so now small appliance shopping is on my to-do list once we get shoveled out from tonight’s snow!

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2 Comments on “not the weekend i had planned…”

  1. o-no Says:

    i was thinking of getting a toaster oven myself….. but that is so i can make cheese toast….

  2. Mandy Says:

    I always think I want a toaster oven until I have one and then I decide it’s a big clunky thing in my way.
    Oh, you have an award on my blog. Check it out…

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