friday afternoon…

this is shaping up to be either a hectic weekend full of activities for me, or the boringest, most boring weekend ever…. all dependant on the weather…  i’d love for it to be a nice little blend of both.   i took the girls out for a little shopping, lunch and freezing cold sunshine to get them out of the house for a while because it would appear that they have very few activities planned for the weekend.  more snow on saturday, and they can’t even go out and enjoy what we’ve got now because EVERYTHING is covered in an inch of hard packed ice.  beanie bit it in the drive when we got home, spread eagle in the driveway.  it would’ve been funny if she wasn’t crying cuz she hurt her hiney.

mini - soft pink and cream hugs and kisses

i’m busy cranking out mailboxes and calendars, clothespins and other goodies, and pondering a little cross stitching.  hunny recently hung a print from the black apple that i bought last year (no hurry, really) and she does some really neat things in her own home with bunches of framed things…  i’m not thinking of the silouettes specifically for my room, but i like the 1 color background, and a 1 color design…  perhaps crowns?  monograms?  oh, the possibilities.  and i haven’t made anything for myself in 100 ages, so i’m looking forward to it!

wait!! i found the one i really had in mind, here:  how cute!!


valentine mailbox #3

have a great weekend!  hopefully i’ll be back and inspired next week… and maybe have a new thing or two to tell or show you!

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