after holiday crash…

i realized shortly after i was out of college that the time after the holidays stresses me out more than the actual holidays.  christmas is past, new years is over, and why the heck is there a nearly-dead tree still in my livingroom??  i am in a rush to get back to my normal life, i want my every-day order back.  i used to solve this by taking the week after new years off from work.  that’s not an option now, working from home and all, but i have that familiar feeling.  that, and i’m not happy with a few people (orkut-picture-thieves, i’m looking at you) and a few people that are not happy with me (oops, totally didn’t mean for that to happen).  i’m a little *ugh*.

i’m not one for resolutions, but i’m going to work extra hard today to get my disorder a little more orderly.  the tree will go to the curb, the crafts will be lugged back into 1 room (ok, 2, if you count my craftroom and the diningroom), and hopefully my funk will be short lived.

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One Comment on “after holiday crash…”

  1. melissa Says:

    the after the holiday Blahhs- sort of like a case of the Mondays ( i love that part in office space) but these go on for- wait how long?! Our dead tree is gone- but then again it was dead like a week into having it- that dang free heat- we don’t control it so we have no control of it! THink happy- crafty thoughts of hearts & candy & crap 🙂

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