hard at work…

santa's elf, hard at work... by you.

elves are hard at work here at our house…  like many houses, and many elves, i’ve decided to make a few things last minute – play towels, play oven mits and coasters for a kitchen set that santa is bringing the girls.  have i mentioned that i don’t sew?  awesome.  can’t wait to show you how they all turn out…  sideways and wonky, i’m sure…

i see behind me that the clock says 7:46.  i had just put the girls to bed, and i immediately plopped down on the floor.  funny, i remember walking in on my mom sewing things for christmas once.  turns out it was a nightgown for me and one of my dolls.  i still remember the fabric – yellow cotton with tiny flower buds. 

i’m not sure what the clothespin is all about…  i was cleaning an endtable in the livingroom and found it.  it still hasn’t made its way home, it’ll be on my shirt probably til tuesday.  and as always, my penguin pants send their love.

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One Comment on “hard at work…”

  1. o-no Says:

    love the clothespin…. it is like your trademark…… *smile*

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