new day, new hair.

i’ve mentioned “our” william before, right?  he’s the best hair-guy in the whole wide world, for sure.  my mom drives 65 miles one-way to see him every 6 weeks.  he is magic.  and he gets an A+ for effort with my girls.  he always has the right snackies.  he makes sure beanie gets to wear the right color cape, he’ll paint her nails, trim her bangs, curl her hair… and now babycakes is in on the action.  i couldn’t take the hair in the eyes any more.  and now look:

babycakes - baby 365 - day ???  has anyone seen my baby?  she was sitting where that big-girl is just a minute ago…  she *WUVS* it!beanie and babycakes - baby 365 - day 297

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2 Comments on “new day, new hair.”

  1. lemonadeaccessories Says:

    omg so. flippin. cute.

  2. o-no Says:


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