much to be thankful for…. except the plague.

babycakes has given me the plague.  i don’t have the full-blown plague yet, but it’s on its way.  low-grade plague.  or meningitis.  or mentingitis with a tumor on the base of my skull.  i’m stuffy, wheezie, sniffly, achy, crampy  and sneezy.  and doc.  i am awesome.

***pic removed***

beanie enjoyed her preschool thanksgiving party today.  they did it up NICE.  there was a table runner and can centerpieces, there was community trail mix, there were guests from the classroom next door.  the highlight for me had to the be craft project – pinecone turkeys with a little note about what each kid was thankful for.  i assisted with this project.  there were lots of people thankful for their mommies, some thankful for grandma or their brothers, a few thankful for turkey and fire engines.  blessed be.  that’s so sweet.

and babycakes.  sweet babycakes.  she’s so crafty, but a little off.  hunny gave her some stickers and a hello kitty coloring book to occupy her today while beanie and i were gone to school.  she went through and put stickers over everyone’s eyes.  creepy.  what’s up with that?  so i asked her, and she said “oh, there’s sungalsses!”  so fashionable….

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2 Comments on “much to be thankful for…. except the plague.”

  1. o-no Says:

    ummm looks like a lot of cooties in that room……

  2. Mandy Says:

    Yikes…a germ buffet.

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