sunday – day 23 – will it ever end?

can someone explain to me what orkut is?  there is a nice person on flickr who has told me that they saw a picture of one of my girls being used on orkut.  they were checking to see if this other person was authorized to use it.  umm, no.  but what is it?  what do you suppose it’s being used for?  this person said they’d let me know if they found the user again, but til then, what is there to do?  i suppose it’s time to do a little research for myself…  ew.

we had a lovely day, complete with a trip to 2 craft stores and lunch out.  the girls have been precious little peaches all day.  i skipped babycake’s nap hoping she’d konk out early, and hopefully sleep a little later in the a.m…  it’s a short week coming up, but a strange one.  lots to do, lots to do…

babycakes is feeling much better, LUUUUUVS “pink medicine” (amoxicillin)

beanie is loving the icecream once the “frosting” (whipped cream) was removed

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3 Comments on “sunday – day 23 – will it ever end?”

  1. o-no Says:

    first no frosting on pupcakes…… now no whipped cream…. *making a face* she needs more time with o-no!!!

  2. lemonadeaccessories Says:

    haha, i loved the ‘pink medecine’ too! and beanie is smart, whipped cream is ick. 😉

  3. queenvanna Says:

    lemon – you’re both my children rolled into one!! =D

    and i don’t mind that beanie doens’t like whipped cream – more for me!!!

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