lifestyles of the sickly and exhausted…


baby 365 - day 292 by you.

it seems that every time i go to the dr for myself they tell me “it’s a virus, it’s gotta work its way through, suck it up.”  so i have not been to the dr for an illness since before beanie was born.  i had a physical last spring, and that was because i needed the TB test before i could volunteer at beanie’s school.  they had to dig my records out of storage, it had been that long.

the girls are relatively healthy, and i hardly bring them in either since last time “someone” in the office told me that it seemed that i was overstating the symptoms.  of a kid that had been puking for 4 days straight.  with a fever.  that trip cost me 90 bucks and the cost of a can of fruit cocktail. 

babycakes has had a cold for more than a week now, and she’s been waking up in the middle of the night with a variety of baby complaints – can’t breathe, nose dripping down her face, coughing, hacking, barfing up phlegm, can’t find her water, hair in her eyes, bone in her nose…  good times.  that, and a rash that looked a little uncomfortable…  and today the rash looked downright painful.  so in we went.  and we left with an ear infection, a nasty rash, her first script for an antibiotic, a script for cream, and a sticker and tattoo for each of the girls.  hopefully she’ll start feeling better soon, and most importantly, i hope she SLEEPS tonight.

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