keep yer snotty little boop to yourself!


baby 365 - day

babycakes has a cold and has teh ooze and teh snot coming from all over.  she’s a strange little kid who loves to take her medicine, she doesn’t mind her nose wiped….  and she’s darn cute.  today i woke her from her nap and she was in no hurry to get out of her crib.  that’s how i *know* she doesn’t feel well.  she stayed inside and read her books and snuggled with her little friends for another half hour.  poor sick baby. 

lots of crafting going on, getting ready for shows tomorrow and thursday.  as i said a week or so ago, there are way too many crafts here already, but i wanna be prepared.  and i just got a shipment of 200 more of the giant clothespins.  i can’t sell em if they aren’t made!!  ;.) 


i put a couple sets in the shop today – very festive!  and i even saved a set for myself.  we’re going to pick up the girls’ christmas portraits tomorrow and i’ll display them on my mantle!

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2 Comments on “keep yer snotty little boop to yourself!”

  1. poor baby- hope she’s feeling well soon! She’s gotta get well before Turkey day! Good Luck on your shows I’m sure you’ll knock their socks off!

  2. Evelyn Says:

    Awww, feel better baby!!!

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