so there it is.

tonight you get a lame post.  it’s all i’ve got in me.  i spent the evening putting kits together for Scrap Can Do!  and contemplating my weekend.  it’s “summit weekend” at work, which is an awesome weekend when 100+ scrapbooking crazy ladies descend upon a local inn and scrap and eat and shop and have themselves a grand ol time.  i get a little jealous of all the fun they have because i’m chained behind the counter (i’m kinda joking) at the store, but i get to have a little fun, too.  so that’s tomorrow night and saturday…  and sunday is “home show part 2” at christy’s house.  and i’m coming to the realization that all that stuff that’s still laid out in my livingroom is not going to pack itself.  darn.

Sugar and Spice Kit - wip by scrapcando  this is a sample of one of our kits that are premiering (how do you spell that?!) this weekend.  it’s so cute i wanna lick it.  i’m not ashamed. 

tomorrow maybe you’ll get more pics and funny stories.  for tonight, we’re all done.  as beanie says at the end of her bedtime story – “the end, go to sleep!”

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