one day more…

godilovecoffee.nov 08 113

went to a baby shower today, loved all the little tiny clothes and towels and sweetness.  so much sweetness.or perhaps pink

getting ready for tomorrow’s show – there’s so much here, i can’t wait to show it to everyone!!  makes me wish i knew more people to invite!!  =0  but it also shows me that i deserve to take a break.  a crafty vacation.  or maybe have a sale.  once my shows are over, i’m gonna put it ALL in my etsy shop and move it.  discounts, free shipping…  something.  stay tuned.  because i possibly have an illness.  a crafty, crafty illness.  oi.

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One Comment on “one day more…”

  1. I will say a prayer that you sell sell sell!!! mine is next week…oi is right! after that is over i am going to do the same thing as you. Let’s keep our crafting fingers crossed!

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