shopping mania…

preparing for my annual at-home craft show.  holy cow, so much to do.  and why is it that the thing bothering me most is that i reeeeally want a new shower curtain in my downstairs bathroom?  the shower that we use as a broom closet.  it must have a new curtain.

and i have a crick in my neck.  imagine that.

i had to get away from it all today so we went to the germscape at the mall.  we got there early, before there were too many germs.  (that’s what i tell myself.  hush.)  baby 365 - day  after hunny got home tonight i headed out to do the actual shopping i had tried to do today.  note to self – it is NOT a good idea to leave these children loose if you’re going to try to get ANYTHING accomplished.  especially the little one.  she is EVERYWHERE.  next time, strap her in to the stroller!!! (crikey)

we were in victoria’s secret (wha?  i like their cotton undies) and babycakes looks around for a second and exclaims “THAT’S A LOT OF BOOBIES!”  hey no kiddin’.

my second trip out was much more successful.  i got a shower curtain (hooray!), a couple new shirts and a couple new sweaters.  even a christmas present that someone had asked for.  i should go out on wednesday night more often!

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