i was up at 4:59 a.m. today.  got a lot on my mind, a lot on my plate.  it’s a school-day for beanie, gotta go vote, need a shower curtain, blah, blah, blah…  so far in the past 30 minutes i’ve cut numbers for an advent calendar and packaged some adorable snowman mini envelopes.  if and when the sun ever comes up, i’ll add them to my flickr 365

looking at my 365’s, it would appear as though i have been slacking.  but let me assure you, i have been more than hard at work.  there are just no pics to prove it… yet… i put the finishing touches on this guy last night – made a cute label for its plastic storage cover, and when i’m through here, i’ll put it in the shop!advent calendar - craft 365 - day   this next one won’t make it to the shop, it was a special request by a friendcraft 365 - day …though i can tell you that if you’re looking to get some great views on flickr of a craft, muffin tin advent calendars are the way to go.  they’re my most searched for pics on flickr!

more crafty-goodness to come, once the sun comes up!!

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2 Comments on “sleepless…”

  1. Love the new look of your blog! You’ve been busy!

  2. Cerra Says:

    I absolutely adore your Etsy shop!

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