a leetle of this and that…

things i love:

1.  the smell of the inside of a halloween treat bucket – all those candy smells mixed together are heaven.

2.  putting on a clean pair of blue jeans.

3.  watching a television show with hunny that we both love

things i don’t mind:

1.  the smell of little-baby spit up….  it’s all just old milk and baby breathings.

2.  doing laundry

3.  being in the room not paying attention to a show that hunny is watching.

things i don’t care for:

1.  the smell of spray shower cleaner.

2. putting laundry away.  so i don’t.  hunny will take it all out of the dryer, sort, fold and pile it up close to where it needs to be.  he rocks.

3.  trying to watch a show that hunny likes and i don’t (read:  knight rider, life on mars, anything with loud banging and shooting and screaming, though not always at the smae time.)

tomorrow:  wait til you see what i’ve been working on!!!

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2 Comments on “a leetle of this and that…”

  1. I hear you- Z watches a few shows- I can’t stand! ( How I Met Your Mother) is just one of them. But you’re torn… you haven’t seen them all day and you’d rather cuddle with them during a bad show than sit alone with a good one!
    Looking forward to your sneak peek!

  2. queenvanna Says:

    oh NO!! MEL!! my favorite hobo!!!! we cannot be friends any longer. “how i met your mother” is my favorite!!!

    well, at least i don’t have to share neil patrick harris.

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